Orphans Issue 02

Finished up Issue 2 of Orphans.  Here are a few pages.  I took over for another colorist starting with page 6, so I had to make sure I didn’t do anything radically different.  Not easy, but I think I kept things consistent with what he did.

Writer: Eric Palicki
Artist: Branko Jovanovic
Colors: Sean Burres (me)

Raw Power Issue 01

Here’s a mini-series I’m working on involving a superhero from the 50′s who loses his memory and winds up as a bum in the 70′s.  Pulp meets Pop.  These are pages from the first issue.  I’ll probably take another pass at each of these pages before they go to print.

Redacted Test Page

I did a test page for a comic set in Viet Nam.  I didn’t get the gig, but here is what I submitted.  I’ll find out who the artist is, as well as the writer.   You know, credit where credit is due…

Redacted Test Page

Tales of Mr. Rhee

I just finished gray tone work on Tales of Mr. Rhee for Image’s Shadowline imprint.  I did Chapter 7-13, taking over for the previous colorist, Andrew McKinley.

Tales of Mr. Rhee
Writer: Dirk Manning
Artist: Josh Ross
Letters: Jim Reddington
Colorist (1-6): Andrew Mckinley
Colorist (7-13): Sean Burres